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Columbia University Campus Tour Columbia University Campus Tour. Here we share with you important information about Columbia University Campus Tour .The University of Colombia is located in the upper western end of Manhattan New York and is one of the world’s leading universities and research institutions. The Colombian university was founded in 1754 as King’s College and founded in 1956. She is a member of the Ivy League and currently consists of 16 bachelor, postgraduate and vocational schools. The University offers 69 academic departments and divisions, 6350 degree programmes, including art and science, as well as architecture, art, trade, dentistry, engineering, international affairs, Journalism, Law, medicine, nursing, public and other professions. 

Health, planning and conservation, public administration and social work. The main campus of Colombian history consists of 71 36 acres of buildings originally designed by Makin, Mead and Wright Construction Company. On this interactive tour we invite you to visit the cross-section of the academic and administrative buildings. The low places are described as one of the largest urban spaces in the United States. It is built like a Greek amphitheatre and is ideal for outdoor activities such as concerts, plays and exhibitions. The students flocked to the steps of the sun Bath, learned to socialize and make it the words of the famous architect, the real “City Beach”.

Watch Square, a bronze sculpture by alma mater, Daniel Chester France, is seen in his statue of Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. Designed by architect Max Abravitz Design by the United Nations, Jerome. The Green Music Hall houses many of the most outstanding legal scholars in the United States and one of the most comprehensive legal libraries in the world.

The Green Music Hall, opened 1960, is the main building in the courtyard of the law school. The Low-Memorial Library 1897 was completed as a model of pure classical architecture and was not the main library until 1934. Today, this listed building acts as the administrative center of the University and is the office of President and rector. One of the most striking features of its rotunda is the top of the country’s largest full granite dome. Columbia University Campus Tour

This circular building was formerly used in the library’s main reading room, now in exhibitions and major university activities. The Abe Hall house was founded in Colombia by architects, planning and conservation graduates, 1881. The Abe Library is also one of the country’s leading architecture libraries. The Master’s Degree programme offers architecture and know-how, including urban planning, urban development, monument preservation and real estate developments. We have a PhD program in cooperation with the Graduate School for Integrated Arts and Sciences. For new and latest uptodate fashion and Hair style and footwear visit our website .

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