Cholesterol U turn as a study finally shows that fatty foods may not be good for us

fatty foods may not be goodCholesterol U turn as a study finally shows that fatty foods may not be good for us

After the release of a new report, the United States government has removed fatty foods containing cholesterol from the list of ‘ nutrients that cause heart attacks and strokes ‘. For 40 years, people have been warned not to eat fatty foods, including high cholesterol levels such as butter, eggs, lean meat, mussels and liver because they are associated with the substance in our blood. But now the USDA will abolish its long-term dietary guidelines and focus on the amount of sugar that people eat.  fatty foods may not be good

We also want to ‘ eliminate the emphasis on saturated fat ‘ due to the lack of evidence of the connection to cardiovascular disease  ‘. Advice report of the Diet guideline concluded:  “Available evidence indicates that there is no significant correlation between cholesterol consumption and serum (blood) cholesterol. Cholesterol is not a nutrient that is at the heart of excessive consumption. Stephenison, an American physician at the Cleveland Clinic, told the Daily Mail that this was the right decision. Our nutritional guidelines are wrong.

She’s been making mistakes for decades, he said. He estimates that about 20 of your cholesterol levels in your blood come from your diet, which means that the rest is produced by your liver and is really physically necessary. Cholesterol is not a despicable poison, it is an important part of life  “he added. By changing your diet it is almost impossible to reduce the cholesterol in your blood. The steroid fat (fat substance) found in the blood is the most common type of steroid in the body. This is the raw material for the production of hormones such as testosterone and estrogen, which makes the cell membranes flexible (as opposed to the plant membranes in which it adapts and moves while maintaining cell integrity). Your liver represents a large portion of your cholesterol in the blood. It adapts to what is housed and transmits it through various types of Lipoprotein in the bloodstream. 

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