Treatment and Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders and Drug Addiction

Anxiety Disorders and Drug AddictionThe article is titled Treatment and Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders and Drug Addiction.

Anxiety disorders and drug dependence

about 18 to 20% of the American population suffer from some form of anxiety disorder. Those who do are about 2 to 3 times more likely to have a drug problem than those who are not afraid. If a person has mental and material disturbances, This is called a dual Diagnosis.

The treatment can be used to resolve these two situations.
Addiction and anxiety all suffer from stress and anxiety. however, While most people may occasionally experience anxiety, fear cannot be associated with a particular situation for people with anxiety disorders. Or it may be disproportionate in relation to the situation by hand. 

A serious anxiety disorder can affect your everyday skills. Some people with anxiety have a dual diagnosis, which means that they have mental illnesses such as anxiety and drug abuse disorders. In these cases it is difficult to say what is the first occurrence: anxiety disorder or drug abuse disorders.

Some people who are afraid can consume drugs or alcohol to treat their symptoms or to cope better.
Risk factors

Although anxiety and dependence are different diseases, they have common risk factors, such as: genetic Fragility.
The genetic component may have some overlap, which increases the susceptibility of a person to the development of addiction and Anxiety. Environment.
Examples are traumas and addictions, both of which can lead to anxiety and simpler drug use. Like the involvement of brain regions. Brain function is also a common factor in both Diseases.
Critical brain regions that react to incentives and stress and are affected by drugs can also exhibit irregular anxiety and other psychiatric disorders. Phase.
Teenage drug addiction can alter certain brain functions, making them more susceptible to drug action, causing anxiety disorders.
Symptoms there are many forms of anxiety disorder, with slightly different symptoms.

Symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder (include: 4)
Feel uncomfortable or marginal.
Easy to get Tired.
Cannot Concentrate.
Tense Muscles.
Inability to control fear.

sleep, sleep, or feel the rest of the Problem.
Panic disorder includes the following symptoms:
Sudden Attack of Fear.
Loss of control over Fear.
Fear of drug use sometimes a person may experience panic attacks or general anxiety during or after drug use.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Handbook for Psychiatric Disorders explains that a person can be diagnosed as a Matter-induced anxiety if anxiety develops during or shortly after poisoning and causes a deficiency. Social or Professional.

The symptoms of anxiety caused by the drug can:
Increased Blood Pressure.
Treatment if a person has a mental illness, such as anxiety and drug abuse, both conditions must be treated.

People who do not get anxiety experience more medical problems, suicide or premature death only when they complete the Treatment. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, including healthy diet, exercise and good nutrition, medications can be an option to treat both Cases. But if the treatment combines the medicine with the treatment, the person can get better results.

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